AzureMicrosoft 365Perpetual licensesSeat-based offers Updates in Software Assurance and new terms to support hosted solutions blogpost header by Venti Exchange

Updates in Software Assurance and new terms to support hosted solutions

In May 2022, Microsoft’s President and Vice Chair Brad Smith announced important changes to Microsoft’s outsourcing and hosting terms. These changes were thought to help customers work with partners more easily, to receive the licenses and subscriptions needed for access to complex, hosted solutions, like desktop solutions.  In 2019, Microsoft updated their licensing terms for…

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AzureMicrosoft 365Perpetual licensesSeat-based offers

Venti Exchange Client Portal: Self-manage your Microsoft Licenses

Venti Exchange C3 Portal is an advanced client portal that allows our customers to submit support tickets, project reports, self-managed billing, and more. Here you can manage your Microsoft 365 subscriptions or any other Microsoft licenses you have purchased with Venti Exchange.  Sign-in from by clicking on the Portal Login button that is located…

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Thrive in the new work world with e-commerce in the cloud

The retail and consumer goods industries experience constant pressure. With the pace at which the world moves and unforeseen events, this pressure has been growing exponentially. Keeping up with the surge in e-commerce and multi-channel shopping, global supply chains, reimagining in-store experiences, and managing huge data volumes, as well as privacy concerns just to name…

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